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Welcome to TERRITUR

This is the website of the research group on Tourism, Heritage & Space (TERRITUR) at the Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG), Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon (IGOT-ULisboa). We are a multidisciplinary group of scholars joined by the curiosity to explore the ways in which culture, nature and places are produced, transformed and consumed through tourism. We are proud to be one of the oldest and largest research groups studying and writing about tourism in Portugal.

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More people, new projects

The TERRITUR research group keeps growing. Meet the new researchers who joined our team in People and the research they are developing in Projects.

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TERRITUR research group is on social media. Keep up to date with TERRITUR news and events by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

New book with TERRITUR's signature

The book Ambiance, Tourism and the City investigates how tourism affects the ambiences experienced in contemporary cities across the globe. This is one of the latest publications by TERRITUR researchers, which emphasises the centrality of the concept of ambience as a lens for understanding the creation and recreation of urban places for tourist consumption. Discover this and other recent outputs by visiting Publications.

PhD and postdoctoral training

TERRITUR research group is open to host highly motivated PhD candidates and post-doc researchers with promising, quality-oriented profiles, and innovative research proposals.

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A new Routledge book with TERRITUR's signature

How does tourism and urban development affect the lived ambiances of contemporary cities around the world? As most of the existing literature on sensory atmospheres says little about the intersection between tourism and atmospheric production, Ambiance, Tourism and the City affirms the centrality of the notion of ambiance as a mode of inquiry into the making and remaking of urban places for tourist consumption. The TERRITUR's researcher Daniel Paiva is a co-editor.

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CEG-Tourism Week '23

Organised by TERRITUR, it took place from 25 to 29 September, with a varied agenda of events.

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New publication in the TERRITUR Policy Brief series

Discover this and other recent outputs from TERRITUR researchers by visiting Publications.

SMARTDEST Project conference

The SMARTDEST Project will organise a dissemination conference on city labs, participatory planning and management of tourist mobilities. Several international experiences will be presented and discussed.

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TERRITUR Policy Brief 2023

A new issue of the TERRITUR Policy Brief series will be released soon. The document will disclose preliminary results from a survey on the impacts of covid-19 on short-term rentals in Lisbon.

Launch will be announced soon.

Volunteers for UrBio Project

We are recruiting participants for an experiment within the UrBio project. Participation will last about one hour and will consist of a simple walk with two biosensors monitoring some physiological data, followed by a short interview.

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SMARTDEST promotes a City Lab in Lisbon

The SMARTDEST Project carried out, in partnership with the municipality of Lisbon, a collaborative project to reconcile tourist mobilities and long-term residents.

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